Facing Backwards

When the world is unraveling, like a frayed rope, do you have everyone grab a single thread and run, full-tilt, in opposite directions? No. But that’s what is happening in our communities. Whether it’s a school shooting on Wednesday, a Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Thursday, the water cooler on Friday, youth sports on Saturday, or church on Sunday, it feels like we’re surrounded by land mines and the centrifugal force of our disagreements is threatening the next generation of “We the people…”

Our response? We’re facing backwards and rejecting the idea that our civilization is built on agenda-driven, mutually exclusive interests. We will not hole up inside our online echo chambers, and we will not yield the future to extremists. WE will look each other in the eye and say, “I commit to do my part to create safer and more civilized communities so that we may preserve the foundations of a civil society. Now, let’s get to work.”