About Us

The Youth Safety and Civility Alliance is the brainchild of concerned parents, teachers, coaches, safety professionals, veterans, and kids. After countless kitchen-table conversations and late-night text messages after difficult news, we realized that it doesn’t matter how “busy” we are…if we do not have safe and civilized communities in which to work and play and serve, then the future of “We the people” looks grim. And when our young people are looking to us with uncertainty, we want to be able to look them in the eye and tell them that they have the tools to tackle anything; the future is theirs, it is bright, and it is unwritten.

Like most things that achieve full liftoff, starting a non-profit organization [501(c)3] has been a team effort and a learning experience! The Board of Directors bring a variety of life and work experiences to the YSCA and the Inaugural Youth Advisory Council is made up of a group of stellar kids who are passionate about fostering safe, civil, and future-focused outreach in their communities.

Volunteer Profiles Coming Soon!

Debbie Keen,
Youth Safety and Civility Alliance