Training young people (and the adults who work with them) to promote strategies in:

Safety & Situational Awareness

Conflict Resolution

Civil Discourse


Community Building

Our communities are distressed by the toxic discourse, the serial misconduct, and the increasing threats of harm that pollute our social, civic, and competitive environments. Our mission is to create safer and more civil communities by working with young people to carry forward the values of a civil society.
We will teach the next generation to foster a respect for differences and how to disagree and still identify common goals to effectively work together. We will teach them how to be assertive without being aggressive and how they can respond to hostility without escalating it. And we will train them to be more engaged in their environments so that they may connect with those around them, and so that they may look out for the health and safety of one another.

Youth Sports Organizations

Schools & Student Groups

Child Care & Kids Camps

Churches and Community Centers